Magnetic AutoControl Automatic Gate Opener Reviews

  • Founded in 1946
  • Industrial & Commercial Operators
  • Two (2) year warrant
  • vehicle gates, waist high tripod turnstiles, full height turnstiles, retractable wing barriers, high door barriers, swing flap barriers, and speed gates.
Founded in 1946, Magnetic Autocontrol became a well established and leading international provider for pedestrian access control and vehicle access control products for many industries. The US division, Magnetic Automation Corp in Florida, was founded in 1990 with sales concentration in North, South and Central America. Our solutions portfolio includes both standard and custom user-specific solutions to increase security and safety as well as efficiency and control.  When speed and performance are of the essence, there
is no match for our Super High Speed series gates. These gates are used in the most demanding of applications such as toll roads, border crossings and other extremely high throughput locations.